We Moved! Architecture for Humanity's office is now in San Francisco.
New Address: 848 Folsom Street, Suite 201 San Francisco, CA 94107-1173 USA
New Telephone Number: +1 415 963 3511
January 23

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Contribute to any of our initiatives by making a donation online or mailing a check to our office. Learn more


Design Like You Give a Damn


Design Like You Give a Damn offers a history of the movement toward socially conscious design and showcases more than 80 contemporary solutions to such urgent needs as basic shelter, health care, education, and access to clean water, energy, and sanitation. Read more

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Where is Cameron?

Contact Us
848 Folsom, Suite 201
San Francisco, CA 94107-1173, USA
T. +1.415.963.3511

What to Give?

For some of you there are only 10 days left to buy holiday gifts for clients, friends and family. We would really like to help you out with that.

Why not give the gift of good design? You can visit our store, buy a friend a copy of Design Like You Give a Damn, make a donation on behalf of a client--and support good design all at the same time. The first twelve people to donate $250 or more, will receive a custom designed Hope for Humanity T-shirt. (see below) This winter some companies are helping including Buro Happold, Contract Associates, Inc in New Mexico, Herman Miller, MortarNet, Sun Microsystems are all running internal giving programs and matching any of their employees contributions to us. If you or a friend works for one of them or a company that also matches employee contributions  double your giving and help us expand our reach.

Hope For Humanity T's
Our favorite fashion designer has done it again. Alabama Chanin has designed and produced a series of limited edition 'Hope for Humanity' upcycled T-Shirts just for Architecture for Humanity, benefitting our projects around the world. There are a dozen men's and womens T's available (from S to XL) and one will be sent to anyone donating more than $250 before the end of the year - either from online donations, mailed checks or via facebook. As noted we have limited quantities and sizes.
Buy a 2x4 for New Orleans
The good folks at Project Agape, who developed and run the Causes app on Facebook, selected us out of 22,000 facebook NGOs to be part of their holiday gift giving appeal. Right now for $10 you can buy someone a 2x4 help build The Guardians  Institute, a community center and cultural museum for the Mardi Gras Indians in the heart of New Orleans designed by Rockwell Group. Additionally the Case Foundation is giving $1000 a day and a grand prize of $50,000 as part of a facebook giving challenge. We are in the running (currently 5th in the tables) and if you are a facebook member and want to donate there then fire away and drive us to the top of the charts. With less than 8% spent on administration and general operating

Interested in supporting our Gulf Coast work this season?

The ABC Home and Planet Foundation is making it possible  through their Gifts of Compassion program for you to support AFHny in rebuilding homes for families displaced by Hurricane Katrina. By making a donation on their site, you can provide a design stipend for pro bono design services and construction work to create a new home in  collaboration with a family displaced by Hurricane Katrina. For your gift recipient, ABC will send a beautiful silk presentation bag and a certificate describing Architecture for Humanity's Biloxi Model Home Program. 
AFHny is honored to be chosen for the ABC Home and Planet Foundation's Gifts of Compassion this year, and we hope you'll participate in this opportunity to contribute to an excellent cause and send the word to family and friends!  

AMD Open Architecture Challenge

South America Challenge  Africa Challenge  Asia Challenge

Imagining a world without the Internet is nearly impossible. But despite the Internet's global significance, less than 20 percent of the world's six billion people currently have access to the educational, social, and economic opportunities it can create. You can change that.

Enter the AMD Open Architecture Challenge
Help connect 50% of the world to the Internet by 2015

South America Challenge
Kallari Association, Napo Province, Ecuador
Connect a cooperative of indigenous chocolate producers and artisans in the Ecuadorian Amazon with the global marketplace by building a fair trade exchange, chocolate production center and satellite rural technology points. Learn more

Africa Challenge
SIDAREC, Nairobi, Kenya
Empower the youth of Mukuru Kwa Njenga, an informal slum settlement of 250,000, to connect with other youth and create positive change in their community by building a technology media center and recording studio. Learn more

Asia Challenge
Nyaya Health, Sanfe Bagar, Nepal
Enable families in a remote rural area of Nepal where there is only one doctor for a population of 250,000 to access to health care from top physicians and medical professionals all over the world by building a tele-medicine center. Learn more

Faculty and student groups: If you are interested in participating in the challenge as a studio, contact us. We will send you a draft of the brief so that you can prepare your studio. Studios and organized student groups will receive group rates to enter the competition.

To register, join the Open Architecture Network.

Guardians Institute


The Guardians Institute’s prime directives are to uphold the distinct cultural traditions of New Orleans, promote literacy and encourage physical well-being. These directives are met through conducting educational workshops for K-12 students in New Orleans to teach them the traditional art of beading and crafting Mardi Gras Indian suits, holding drumming, song construction and traditional dance lessons as well as conducting book club meetings.

The Guardians Institute was founded by Herreast Harrison and her children in loving memory of their father, Donald Harrison, Sr., the celebrated Chief of the Mardi Gras Indian group, Guardians of the Flame. For the past twenty years the family has been heavily involved in keeping Mardi Gras Indian culture alive and exposing neighborhood children to all facets of this tradition through education and demonstration.

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Southern California Wildfire Appeal

Photo Credit: Rancho San Diego, Sandra Plaza. Qualcomm Stadium, Claire Schneider

This week wildfires have ravaged Southern California. Their path and scope have been quite unpredictable and devastating to thousands of homes from Los Angeles to San Diego. Rebuild San Diego, the local chapter of Architecture for Humanity, and Architecture for Humanity Los Angeles have been working on the ground responding to volunteer needs at Qualcomm Stadium and other venues in the city of San Diego.

Volunteer opportunities for Qualcomm Stadium can be found near Gate A. Approximately 400 evacuated senior citizens (ages 70 to 90) were sent to San Diego High, 1402 Park Blvd. AFH San Diego Rebuild are there at the moment, still seeking food, toiletries, bedding, etc. Volunteers near the Del Mar area can contact 858-792-5245 for further instructions. To make donatations of feed and hay for horses, contact 858-509-5245.

If you are interested in financially supporting Architecture for Humanity's efforts, please donate through PayPal.

Rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina

August 29, 2007: The second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's devastating arrival on the Gulf Coast
Two Years in Katrina's Wake By ROBERT IVY, Architectural Record

  1  2    3 

Architecture for Humanity is helping communities rebuild across the Gulf Coast. Since the storm we have supported a wide range of projects from supporting historic preservation to funding community design centers to pairing clients with architects willing to offer their services on a pro bono basis. Projects completed and in progress include: The Guardians Institute designed by Rockwell Group, Hand-on Preservation Workshops, and the Calhoun Residence and Back House designed by Shelter Architecture.

Events and Exhibitions
Events: November 7th, 2007 - Greenbuild 2007, Chicago, IL
  November 13th, 2007 - University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
  January 9th, 2007 - Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, ON
Exhibitions: September 6th to November 9th, 2007
Substance: Diverse Practices from the Periphery,
Center for Visual Art
Denver, CO
  October 13th, 2007 to January 19th, 2008
Architecture for Humanity, The Sheldon Art Galleries
St. Louis, MO

About Architecture for Humanity

Architecture for Humanity is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that seeks architectural solutions to humanitarian crises and brings design services to communities in need. For more information about our organization and our work, click on the links below.

Current Projects
About Architecture for Humanity (PDF)

Local Groups

Volunteer led groups have sprung up to get involved in local issues. From The Point community center (AFH New York) to an architecture badge for the Girl Scouts (AFH Atlanta), hundreds of volunteer designers meet every month to collaborate on projects in their neighborhoods. New chapters start all the time, and groups are meeting in these cities:

Anchorage FargoMinnesota Salt Lake Turin
Auckland Genoa Montreal San Diego UK
Austin Honolulu New York San Francisco Washington DC
Blacksburg Houston North Dakota St. Louis
Boston Iowa Ottowa Seattle
Bradenton Knoxville Philadelphia Tampa
Detroit Los Angeles Portland, OR Toronto

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